We believe that our top priorities are to pinpoint your messages and target the traditional and social media landscape to call attention to what makes you and your book unique.  Our process begins with reading the book, brainstorming pitches, reading and watching the news and telling everyone we know about your ideas.

Our goal is to maximize your budget with the best media for your campaign.

Since 1995 we have consistently become known for the following:

  1. Hooking the book into the news — For traditional media and even social media, the news environment makes your message rise to the top or disappear. Our job is to talk with you about the news environment and how you can fit in.
  2. Author relations — We believe in Ken Blanchard’s saying that all successful business make their clients their “raving fans.”
  3. Spotting bestsellers — From helping Ambassador Joe Wilson get his book published when major agents rejected the idea; from spotting a high school senior’s non-fiction book, finding her an agent and having her receive a $100,000 advance; from taking a first-time author and helping him/her breakthrough to cultivating the reputations of famous authors, we’re on the case every day.

    We’ve helped find agents, media coaches and speaker’s bureaus;  introduced like-minded people who’ve become friends; found places to get a quick haircut or a new pair of shoes when running shoes couldn’t appear on camera.  In short, we’ve helped authors present themselves in the best light.

    And, above all, if you become our client and respect what we do on your behalf, we will refer you and send you pertinent media information long after the book campaign is over.